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Providing Insurance solutions for Construction projects and Property Owners, Heathwoods understands issues that can prejudice your client’s ability to obtain a mortgage. One of those is title deed defects/risks, including:

  • Rights to light
  • Breach of planning/building regulations/listed buildings consent indemnity
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Defects in title, including loss of deeds
  • Possessory title
  • Lack of adequate access and/or services
  • Deed of gift/transactions at undervalue (Insolvency Act 1986)
  • Easements
  • Judicial review and other planning and building regulation issues
  • Search indemnities
  • Breach of warranty (portfolio sales)
  • Chancel repair
  • Trust & probate i.e. missing beneficiary
  • Lost documents i.e. lost share certificate
  • Leasehold problems
  • Flying freehold
  • Bespoke wordings
  • Other niche products are available upon request.

Heathwoods works with conveyancers and solicitors involved in property-based transactions. Legal indemnity insurance covers the buyer and the mortgage lender in the event of any loss of value on the property as a result of the defect. The indemnity policy doesn’t actually remedy the defect – it just provides financial compensation in the event of the defect causing a loss.

We can arrange cover with limits in excess of £200m so we can accommodate all sizes of contract and risk type. Whether the problem be straightforward or a complex matter affecting a property transaction, you can expect a swift turnaround and solution.

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